According To Market Value Numbers, BigHit Entertainment May Just Have Surpassed The Big 3 Companies

The revenue numbers however, tell a different story.

BigHit Entertainment is on the rise lately as their star artists, BTS, hit stride after stride with each release. BTS’s latest single, “Dynamite” has charted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 3 times running now. It comes as no surprise that the market value of BigHit Entertainment is now hitting sky high.

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In a recent chart released online, it is reported that BigHit Entertainment’s market value has now hit ₩4.5692 trillion KRW ($3,908,341,525 USD). Comparatively, JYP Entertainment is at ₩1.3418 trillion KRW ($1,147,731,038 USD), while YG Entertainment is at ₩935.9 billion KRW ($800,537,694 USD) and SM Entertainment sits at ₩789.1 billion KRW ($674,908,786 USD).

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As of 28 September 2020, more accurate numbers regarding the Big 3 companies were released. All three companies saw slight jumps in numbers. According to online listings, JYP Entertainment’s market value is at ₩1.542 trillion KRW ($1,319,043,145 USD) now.

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YG Entertainment is now at a market value of ₩1.481 trillion KRW ($1,266,863,098 USD).

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Lastly, SM Entertainment comes in at ₩841.9 billion KRW ($720,422,922 USD).

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While market value is not an indication of how successful a company is given that there are many factors to running a large scale corporation, it can be taken as a rough gauge for financial returns and success. Stock prices and market value usually rise when groups make a comeback, and fall when there are controversies or a hiatus period. Depending on the number of active groups, this may change drastically.

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Another chart uploaded for the first half of 2020 indicates the profits and revenue made by each company. The blue bar shows the overall revenue while the pink bar indicates the business profits. Here we can see that SM Entertainment ranks high along with BigHit Entertainment in terms of revenue, although JYP Entertainment made more business profits. YG Entertainment’s profits on the other hand, were in the negatives. This goes to show that numbers, at the end of it, are a rough gauge of success, not an accurate yardstick.

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Other netizens however, claim that entertainment companies are still a small fry in the overall economy of South Korea. This is as mega corporations such as Samsung sit at over ₩349 trillion KRW while even LG Chemicals sits at ₩45 trillion KRW. Regardless, as the K-Pop industry continues to boom, we can only sit back and anticipate the further success that is to come.

Source: theqoo