BigHit Takes Legal Action Against Bootlegged BTS Merch Sold At US Concerts

BTS’s agency has filed a court complaint that urges US authorities to act.

BTS‘s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, has taken new action against bootleggers who sell unauthorized merchandise in the US.


On April 25, Big Hit Entertainment filed a complaint in California’s district court, claiming an “exclusive right” to BTS’s trademark. In this complaint, the company calls for court authorization to seize and destroy unauthorized merchandise that is sold outside BTS’s concert venues in the US.


Big Hit Entertainment cited violations of the Lanham Act, California Civil Code § 3344(a) and California Business & Professions Code §§ 17200. The company claims that they are entitled to damages due to profit losses that resulted from the sales of unauthorized merchandise.


At BTS concerts, bootlegged BTS clothing, hats, buttons, posters, and more are often sold outside of the venues. Big Hit Entertainment has stated that items like this are “likely to injure the reputation” of Big Hit Entertainment and BTS, due to their “inferior” quality.


Big Hit Entertainment takes their artists intellectual property rights very seriously. They company is also taking legal action against online sellers of unauthorized goods, such as these BTS panties.

Source: Billboard