Billlie’s Moon Sua Pens A Heartfelt And Emotional Message For Her Brother ASTRO’s Moonbin In New Post

“Forever and ever, I’m going to keep loving you…”

Billlie’s Moon Sua recently left a heartfelt and emotional message to her brother ASTRO’s Moonbin on Instagram.

Billlie’s Moon Sua and brother ASTRO’s Moonbin | @billlieofficial/Twitter

After Moon Sua debuted with Billlie, it seemed like fans were treated to even more interactions between the talented siblings, whether it was showcasing their talent or their bond.


June 6 marked the 49th day following Moonbin’s death, where, in the Buddhist tradition, families hold a ceremony as it is believed that a spirit lingers in the realm of the dead for 49 days before moving on.

On June 7, Moon Sua updated her Instagram account for the first time. In the post, Sua shared a video of her and Moonbin at what looked like the Fantagio building and the two talented siblings were showcasing their sibling bond.

| @a_us_noom/Instagram 

In the video, Moon Sua shared an emotional message for her brother, sharing her feelings about everything that has happened and her hopes for the future.

Of course, Mr. Moon’s door-sized back was so wide and so warm. I should’ve asked him to give me more piggyback rides. Next time we meet, please carry me on your back more often.

My one and only older brother. I still love you, and I won’t ever forget you. Forever and ever, I’m going to keep loving you. No more pain, stay healthy, eat well, and be happy.

— Moon Sua

| @a_us_noom/Instagram

Following the 49th day, Moon Sua wasn’t the only member sharing their thoughts about Moonbin. ASTRO’s Sanha also shared some beautiful photos of the two together, revealing that he was wearing his hyung’s two rings.

ASTRO’s Sanha and Moonbin | @sanha_y00n/Instagram
| @sanha_y00n/Instagram

Moonbin’s friend VIVIZ’s SinB also shared some photos, one of her seemingly visiting the memorial and also of her and Moonbin.

SinB’s Instagram story at the memorial
Moonbin and SinB | @bscenez/Instagram

While Sua has shared messages with her brother, it is the first time she’s been active on social media, and her emotional words struck a chord with netizens.

Source: @a_us_noom/Instagram