Billlie’s Moon Sua Leaves A New Letter For ASTRO’s Moonbin At His Memorial Site

She misses him lots.

It has been a little over a month since the tragic death of ASTRO‘s Moonbin. Fans started a memorial in front of the company building, leaving letters and gifts for the star.

| @duck_jaeju/Twitter

Later, the company moved the memorial to the carpark and a private area at the side of the building so as not to block the main road. The memorial was then moved to the rooftop of the Fantagio Entertainment building. The staff even built a loving frame of Nesquik, Moonbin’s favorite drink, to surround the letters from his beloved celebrity friends.

The memorial is at the rooftop sky park. | @astrorohaviolet/Twitter

Most recently, fans discovered that Moonbin’s sister, Billlie‘s Sua, had left another note for her beloved brother.

Sua’s letter for Moonbin. | @shiningmoon_26/Twitter

Oppa. It’s me, Sua. It’s raining today!! I always miss you a lot, but I especially miss you today. When I meet you, I just want to smile brightly and hug you tight, saying absolutely nothing. I really really really really love you and care for you, as always. D.S.E.B! (Don’t be sick, Stay healthy, Eat well, Be happy!)

From your one and only sister, Sua. 2023.05.27, Saturday.

— Sua

You can read Sua’s first letter as well as letters from other stars to Moonbin below.

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