“Her Underwear Was Put On Backward” Shocking New Allegations Surface In The Mysterious Death Of Korean Livestreamer In Cambodia

The mystery takes a bizarre twist.

New evidence and allegations have surfaced surrounding the death of a Korean livestreamer whose body was found in Cambodia.

BJ Ah Yeong | Korea Herald

Recently, SBS‘s Unanswered Questions investigated the death of the promising young livestreamer, BJ Ah Yeong.

Previously, Koreans were shocked to learn that a popular livestreamer was found dead in Cambodia. Police have since booked a Chinese couple who ran a local hospital for the death.

Popular Korean Influencer’s Death In Cambodia Is Shrouded In Mystery After Reported Rumors Claim She Was Found Badly Beaten

Unanswered Questions‘ investigative journalists met with the person who first found the livestreamer’s body, as well as the police. In the episode, the witnesses claimed that the streamer’s neck seemed to have been struck with something and that the police then used a scissor to cut the clothes off the body to investigate. The witnesses further revealed that there was a needle mark near the victim’s pelvis.

scene of incident | newsdirectory3.com

The show also interviewed BJ Ah Yeong acquaintance, who denied several unfounded allegations surrounding the livestreamer’s life.

After her death, there were rumors of sponsors, drugs, and her involvement in the Burning Sun incident, but she wasn’t like that. She was so shy that she couldn’t even ask for refunds.

— BJ Ah Yeong acquaintance

The acquaintance also revealed text messages between them and the victim. In the messages, the livestreamer states that she wanted to quit livestreaming and that she was in Cambodia due to a stalker.

Text messages between BJ Ah Yeong and acquaintance | SBS
  • Acquaintance: “What are you going to do if you quit streaming?
  • Ah Yeong: “I am currently overseas due to a stalker. Once I return to Korea, I plan on spending time for myself.”

The acquaintance also offers a possible motive for the crime.

Because she was a livestreamer, (the murderer) would have thought she had a lot of money. I suspect she was killed over money.

—  BJ Ah Yeong acquaintance

The show’s producers then spoke with an acquaintance of the suspected couple, who alleged that the livestreamer had come into the hospital already high on drugs.

She was already high on drugs. The doctor couple merely gave her a shot to calm her breathing after seeing she was hyperventilating.

— Acquaintance of hospital couple

When the producers asked the acquaintance if the hospital owners were licensed doctors, the acquainted stated that “The woman comes from a family of doctors, but the husband is not.” The show then revealed that the woman was not a licensed doctor.

The producers then met with the husband of the suspected couple. During the interview, the husband stated his wife was away when the livestreamer died and that it was he who hid the body.

My wife was taking care of the baby, so she didn’t know what had happened. I hid the body. And I didn’t give her (victim) a shot. I merely gave her medicine commonly used in China after she complained of dizziness.

— Husband of suspected couple

CCTV, however, would contradict the husband’s claims that his wife was taking care of their baby. Footage showed that it was the baby’s grandmother who was taking care of the couple’s baby and that both were inside the hospital at the time of the victim’s death. CCTV footage also showed a van transporting what seemed to be the victim’s body four days after the livestreamer first entered the hospital

Lastly, the producers met with the detective in charge of the investigation, who revealed a startling fact.

The body had no signs of assault, and a drug test came back negative. When the body was found, the victim was not wearing a bra, and her underwear was put on backward.

— Detective

When producers asked the husband if he had sexually assaulted the livestreamer, the husband denied anything criminal took place. Meanwhile, locals claimed that “There is a strong Chinese influence in Cambodia. I don’t think they (the couple) are going to be charged with severe crimes like we think. Instead, I think they will be only tried for hiding the body.”

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