BJ Chulgoo Under Fire For Rude Comment About Late Comedienne Park Ji Sun … MC Park Mi Sun Responds To DM From His Fan

The public isn’t happy.

Popular AfreecaTV streamer, BJ Chulgoo, has recently come under fire fir his negative reaction to being told he looks like the late comedienne, Park Ji Sun. As his viewers were leaving comments about who he looks like, Chulgoo responded to the comments.

| Star Today

At first, the viewers told him that he looked like singer Hong Rok Gi. As time passed, he seemingly responded to a comment telling him he looked like Park Ji Sun. However, he responded, “Park Ji Sun? F*ck off.” Needless to say, Chulgoo was severely criticized by the public for his response as Park Ji Sun tragically took her own life just last month.

Chulgoo subsequently apologized, claiming he meant to refer to comedienne and MC, Park Mi Sun instead.

As Park Mi Sun is a close colleague of the late Park Ji Sun, she could not help but speak up on the issue. In an already deleted post, Park Mi Sun attached a screenshot of his stream and wrote, “Who are you? Before you criticize my looks, look into the mirror then speak. People really do experience all sorts of things while living, huh. If you have a brain, think before speaking.

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A fan of Chulgoo’s sent a lengthy DM to Park Mi Sun, apologizing for the issue. However, the fan also criticized Park Mi Sun for taking to a public platform to address Chulgoo. The fan continued to say that as a celebrity, Park Mi Sun was using public sentiments to hurt Chulgoo. Park Mi Sun naturally replied, “Do you think only he gets hurt?? I heard he is someone with lots of controversies regularly. If you’re a good friend of his, you should set him straight.

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The issue has blown up in South Korea as both Park Ji Sun and Park Mi Sun were well-loved comediennes. BJ Chulgoo has also previously gotten into various controversies such as assaulting another guest on livestream.

Source: Star Today and theqoo