BLINKs Are Turning BLACKPINK Into Glam Grandmas With FaceApp

These stunning seniors will make you say “granny goals”.

BLACKPINK aren’t just bandmates: they’re friends for life. Now, BLINKs are getting a glimpse at BLACKPINK’s long and beautiful future together, thanks to FaceApp!


Not long ago, K-Pop fans (and idols themselves) used a baby filter to transform today’s stars into the cutest infants you’ve ever seen. Now, fans are using the FaceApp to change young idols into senior citizens. Results vary, but let’s just say that if BLACKPINK entered a beauty pageant for grandmas, they’d win it!


BLACKPINK may not stay “Forever Young” on the outside, but their inner beauty will always shine through…


…and so will their killer fashion sense!


We can picture these naughty nannies crank calling their grandkids or trolling their nurses. Growing old is inevitable, but growing dull is 100% optional!


The #AgeChallenge has just begun, but fans have already edited individual shots of Jennie and Lisa. Check them out below:


Now that you’ve seen these glam grannies, check out their glam grandpa counterparts by seeing how fans aged-up EXO here and BTS below.

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