BLACKPINK Fans Are Placing Ads All Over Seoul To Prove They’ve Had Enough

YG Entertainment has no choice but to listen to them.

BLINKS are continuing to make their voices be heard.

Previously, BLINKS gained attention for placing a billboard truck outside of the YG Entertainment building, demanding better treatment for BLACKPINK. The truck also roamed around Seoul playing the limited number of BLACKPINK music videos released.

Fans have since stepped up their game by placing advertisements all over Seoul in places where there is high foot traffic.

The advertisements are situated around buildings, subway stations, and airports, among others.

A recurring message is the line,


With the widespread number of advertisements found all over the country, BLINKs are saying that YG Entertainment has no choice but to hear their complaints.

BLINKs are seeking better treatment for the girls. Aside from not having the two comebacks in 2019 that they were promised, BLACKPINK also lacks a full-length album, solo projects for all the members, and broadcast appearances.

This is in spite of BLACKPINK’s immense popularity and the millions of dollars they earn for YG Entertainment with their songs alone.

Source: theqoo