YG Entertainment Acknowledges BLACKPINK As One Of Their Top Artists

They acknowledged the girls.

An entertainment insider has confirmed the immense popularity of BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment‘s response.

In a report sharing his expectations for the “Big 3” companies in 2020, the insider claimed YG Entertainment was highlighted as a subject of interest.

Part of this is the military discharge of BIGBANG members G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung and T.O.P, and another is BLACKPINK’s growing popularity.

The female idol group reportedly earned ₩30 billion KRW ($25.7 million USD) per year in songs alone. Earnings from CF’s, modelling, acting, etc. were not yet included in the amount.

The insider revealed that YG Entertainment acknowledges the influence BLACKPINK holds.

YG Entertainment stated that BLACKPINK is gaining lots of popularity in the global market.

– Entertainment Insider

He added that the company is undergoing restructuring to focus on their artists.

Just focusing on the entertainment side of YG Entertainment will be the catalyst to regaining trust in the market.

– Entertainment Insider

Despite being one of the company’s top earners, BLACKPINK only made one comeback in 2019 against their original promise. Fans then protested outside YG Entertainment’s building, with the company responding that the girls are hard at work to release their next album in early 2020.


Source: Naver