BLACKPINK’s Stylist Reveals Why You’ll Never Catch Anyone Wearing Their Exact Outfits

She explains the one-of-a-kind fashion choices.

According to BLACKPINK‘s stylist Park Min Hee, Fashion isn’t just about wearing nice clothes — It’s about being unique! In an interview with W Korea, she explains how keeps them looking trendy at all times.

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Park is known for her gift at alterations. Unafraid to chop and crop even luxury brands, her unique vision always puts a twist on what the members are wearing.

I learned that from stylist Choi Kyung Won. I’ve done a lot of bold looks before so it allows me to get creative. Sometimes I pull all-nighters trying to sew on cubics on a belt or making fabric shoes from scratch. In fact, I think I alter a lot more now that I’m paying closer attention to each member’s physique.

— Park

According to Park, basic is boring! Putting a one-of-a-kind touch on the members’ outfits prevents them from blending in with anyone else who wears the same piece.

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Sometimes, it feels boring to dress them in outfits as they come. I feel like I have to make changes, because otherwise it’s basic and I can’t let them be basic.

— Park

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Other than customization, she explained her other big priority when making outfits is comfort for the girls.


I try to make sure that they’re not uncomfortable in any of the outfits. It doesn’t matter if an outfit is gorgeous to the eye. If the performer doesn’t feel completely comfortable in it, then the performer cannot put on the best show.

— Park

She alters specific pieces so the girls can have optimal movement when performing.

If I’m working with a skirt that is cute but probably not the best for a choreography, I see if I can swap it out for pants. Or if I’m working with a dress that simply won’t do, I try to crop it and use it as a top instead, etc. It’s important that I keep the vibe but make it as comfortable as possible to move in.

— Park

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Source: W Korea