BLACKPINK Is The First K-Pop Group In History To Ever Achieve This

This achievement will go down in K-Pop history.

The “B” in BLACKPINK should stand for “breaking records” because they’ve done it once again!


In three short years, BLACKPINK have reached more milestones, smashed more records, and topped more charts than many K-Pop groups do in a lifetime. Now, they have another achievement to add to the list, and it’s something that no other K-Pop group in history has done before.


As of March 29, BLACKPINK became the first K-Pop group to surpass 5 billion views on their group’s YouTube channel! This also makes them the most-viewed non-western group of all time, on their group channel.


Even more impressive is the fact that BLACKPINK racked up these views with only 7 music videos. 6 of these MVs are BLACKPINK group videos, and one is “Solo”, Jennie‘s debut solo video.


A new BLACKPINK MV will soon be added to the list, and BLINKs can’t wait to see it!  BLACKPINK will be making their long-awaited comeback on April 5, with their newest mini album KILL THIS LOVE.