Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Thanks BLACKPINK’s Rosé For The Thoughtful Gesture On The Set Of Her New K-Drama

Our favorite pair of besties.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri are known to be the best of friends. Not only did they appear on Knowing Bros as a duo, they also love hanging out with each other on the regular.

While Hyeri sent Rosé a food truck during the filming of her music videos and surprised Rosé on her birthday, Rosé returned the favor by spoiling her bestie with a churros and coffee truck on the set of her new drama. Hyeri will soon be starring in Think Of The Moon When Flowers Bloom (working title) as Kang Ro Seo, an alcohol smuggler in the Prohibition Era.

Along with proof shots, Hyeri wrote the touching caption, “Park Chaeyoung is the real deal. My dongsaeng that cheers for me every day like this. I love you. Unnie is going to cry out of gratitude. Rosé <3 Roseo.

The banner next to the truck wittily reads, “Everyone! Hyeri unnie will be treating churros and coffee today!! ‘Think of the Moon When Flowers Bloom’, hwaiting!

It even came with cute customized stickers with both girls’ names on it.

“Rosé <3 Roseo. Please give Roseo lots of love~” | @hyeri_0609/Instagram

Lastly, wordplay was used on the coffee truck banner.

Think of churros when flowers bloom! Have some churros and I hope the drama blows up!

— Rosé

Queens supporting queens, besties supporting besties! We love to see it!

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