BLACKPINK Gives Their Thoughts On Why They Are So Loved Globally

Visuals, talent, culture, they have it all!

BLACKPINK appeared on JTBC’s Knowing Bros recently after making a comeback with their new song “Lovesick Girls.” The girls talked about a variety of things from Lisa‘s bangsJennie learning French, how popular Lisa is in Thailand, and more.

In regards to popularity, Kang Ho Dong asked, “Why do you think BLACKPINK is so popular globally?”

Rosé spared no time with her answer, “It’s because we have such a pretty unni like Jisoo!”

Although embarrassed, everyone could tell that Jisoo thoroughly enjoyed her answer!

Although Rosé was right with her answer, Jennie took on a different approach.

“Because we are a group with members from all different cultures…”

“…it allows us to be more relatable to our global fans.”

This is true in that all four members come from different backgrounds with Jisoo from Korea, Rosé from Australia, Jennie from New Zealand and Lisa from Thailand.

Of course their visuals and talent come hand in hand when it comes to BLACKPINK domination!