Private Vs. Public: BLACKPINK Jennie’s True Personality Behind Closed Doors

“Everyone who knows me [off stage] will agree with me.”

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is known for her unmatched badass charisma on stage. However, her personality offstage is a completely different story!

Recently, she told Calvin Klein about how she is the moment the cameras turn off — and it’s totally unexpected.

Behind the scenes, Jennie is much more introverted than many people would expect.

Well, everyone who knows me will agree with me that, when I’m off of stage, I’m very quiet and shy, maybe.

— Jennie

But yeah, that disappears when I’m on stage.

— Jennie

There’s this “BLACKPINK Jennie” mode that I put on.

— Jennie

Jennie’s personality changes when she’s on stage, showing off her natural charisma and performer energy.

She also showcases this side of herself when she’s attending various events.

However, the moment she steps down from the stage or runway, she’s a normal shy girl!

Watch the full video below.