“Our Blues” Actress Jung Eun Hye Paints BLACKPINK’s Jennie For The “Blue Rose” Campaign

Before becoming an actress, Jung Eun Hye was a talented artist.

The K-Drama Our Blues received attention and support for realistically depicting flawed yet lovable characters.

The series revolves around the sweet and bitter lives of people at the end, climax, or beginning of life, and depicts their stories in an omnibus format against the backdrop of Jeju Island.

— Wikipedia’s synopsis of Our Blues

Our Blues poster | tvN

The drama also received praise for casting an actress with Down Syndrome to play a character with the condition.

Jung Eun Hye | tvN

Actress Jung Eun Hye played the role of Lee Young Hee, the sister of Lee Young Oak (played by Han Ji Min). Young Hee is an artist who lives in a care home, and the episode centering on the siblings’ relationship explores the guilt, struggle, and love between the two characters.

Han Ji Min and Jung Eun Hye | tvN

Writer Noh Hee Kyung actually created Young Hee’s character after having met Jung Eun Hye as she is also an artist who paints caricatures.

| The Korea Times

Jung Eun Hye has a YouTube account showcasing her art-creation process and daily life.

Recently, Jung Eun Hye painted a caricature of BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, titled “Jennie with a Blue Rose.”

“Jennie with a Blue Rose” | KBIZoom

The painting was inspired by Jennie receiving a bouquet of blue roses from her mother every year for her birthday.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

I remember, so I’ll be okay

I want my room full of blue flowers, I’ll always be waiting

— Jennie, “You Never Know”

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

The painting is on display at the Enver Gallery as part of the “Blue Rose” campaign, where proceeds will be donated to support people with developmental disabilities.

Fans of Jennie loved the painting, appreciating Jung Eun Hye’s talent and style.

You can read more about Jung Eun Hye here.

Viewers Are Praising K-Drama “Our Blues” For Casting Actress With Down Syndrome To Play A Character With The Condition

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