The Identity Of The Handsome Male Dancer Who Performed Alongside BLACKPINK’s Jennie During Her “BORN PINK” Solo Stage Is Revealed

The dancer went viral for his chemistry with Jennie!

BLACKPINK has recently gained attention after the group kicked off their BORN PINK world tour in Seoul. Over the two days, BLINKs and celebrities came together to watch the members perform and create unforgettable memories.

Members of BLACKPINK during their tour | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Aside from all the amazing performances, one moment stood out the most, and it was when Jennie performed an unreleased song to the crowds.


Alongside showcasing her talent, Jennie gained attention for her chemistry with the male dancer, whether it was behind a curtain…

| @chinnieruby/Twitter
| @chinnieruby/Twitter 

Or in front of it.

| @notjnkloops/Twitter

Of course, after the performance, everyone wanted to know who this mysterious dancer was.

On October 17, YG Entertainment’s performance director, choreographer, and dancer Young Sang Lee shared some photos of himself dancing with Jennie. In the images, the duo seems in perfect sync throughout the performances.

Young Sang Lee (left) and Jennie (right) | @giant_ysl/Instagram
| @giant_ysl/Instagram
| @giant_ysl/Instagram
| @giant_ysl/Instagram

As expected, on Instagram, the dancer has showcased his own idol-like visuals with sharp features and an aura that seems to exude mystery.

| @giant_ysl/Instagram
| @giant_ysl/Instagram
| @giant_ysl/Instagram

Young Sang Lee has also shared the number of BLACKPINK performances he’s been part of, including Lisa‘s “LALISA” and Rosé‘s “On The Ground” performances.

Young Sang Lee, YGX, and Lisa | @giant_ysl/Instagram
| @giant_ysl/Instagram

He’s also performed with BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon during one of his stages alongside receiving trainers from the idol.

Young Sang Lee performing with G-Dragon
A gift from G-Dragon | @giant_ysl/Instagram

He’s also choreographed for YG’s boy group TREASURE and shared pictures with the idol group on several occasions.

Young Sang Lee and TREASURE | @giant_ysl/Instagram

Yet, if the dancer might seem familiar, he is also part of the dance group YGX. Although he didn’t seem to be part of the show, Young Sang Lee has showcased his own dance skills on many occasions…

| @giant_ysl/Instagram
| @giant_ysl/Instagram

As always, BLACKPINK’s influence is so great that those around them instantly become the talk of the internet. There was no denying that Jennie and Young Sang Lee absolutely stole the stage during their performance, and BLINKs won’t be forgetting it any time soon.

You can read more about the performance below.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Shocks Fans By Performing An Unreleased Song During Their “BORN PINK” Tour, Cementing Her Status As An All-Rounder

Source: @giant_ysl

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