BLACKPINK’s Jennie Drops CF For Samsung’s Galaxy Note20 And Netizens Are LOVING Her Visuals

Have you seen her? Like, have you?

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie does it once again with her visuals. On the 7th of August, Samsung dropped a video of the star for their newest model, the Galaxy Note20. Jennie was chosen for the color, Mystic Red, and she absolutely slayed it.

Her visuals were out of this world! We loved how she rocked the simple denim and white top combination. We got a little whiplash just from her turning around.

When she looks up at the camera, we think our heart just stopped.

Googling furiously on how to be a phone just so we can be looked at by THE Kim Jennie.

Possibly our favorite scene! She manages to look subtly sultry just by a tilt of her head.

Um…Juhwangie? Is that you?

We adore her little loungwear co-ord set! Comfortable and chic, just like Jennie’s effortless beauty!

Fans were similarly blown out of the water by her beauty, as they praised her visuals. They even wondered, if Samsung was advertising Jennie or the phone!

Fans loved the change in concept, compared to her advertisement for the phone 5 months back which portrayed her in a more mature vibe. Catch the full video below!


Source: theqoo