BLACKPINK’s Jennie Shocks Fans With The Real History Behind Her Unreleased Song “You & Me”

BLINKs aired frustrations about YG’s approach to her solo music!

There is no denying that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is extremely talented. Even before she debuted, Jennie was called a “Monster Rookie” because of her amazing skills and visuals.

Recently, Jennie showcased how talented she is and has BLINKs mad about YG Entertainment’s approach to her music.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

BLACKPINK has recently been performing for BLINKs worldwide for their BORN PINK tour. Amongst all the amazing performances, Jennie gained attention for her solo performance of an unreleased track called “You & Me.”

The performance of the song in London | KikiTube/YouTube
| KikiTube/YouTube   

On January 26, Jennie released some behind-the-scenes footage of the preparation for the performance. From watching the choreography and learning the dance, it was impossible not to notice how excited Jennie was to perform.

Ahead of the shows, Jennie sat down at YG Entertainment and spoke all about the song. BLINKs were shocked when the idol revealed how old the song is as she explained, “I did the recording about 3~4 years ago.”

Jennie then revealed that it was written around the time of her track “SOLO” and that it was either on the list for songs she would release or for something after that. It seemed to be something written very early on because Jennie added, “It was in the closet for a while.”

Luckily, Jennie and the rest of the members seemed to have more control of the show as the idol explained that she personally wanted to showcase the song during the tour.

I thought about what kind of performances and songs I wanted to do and looked through songs with Teddy. We decided to bring out that song we liked and that’s when we started to prepare for it.

— Jennie

Jennie also showcased how involved she is with the tour and preparation. In the video, the idol revealed how she had a vision and worked with choreographers to make her vision a reality.

I had all these ideas in my head about how I wanted to perform it, so Eunchong and Jung are helping me make it a reality.

— Jennie

When the video was released, BLINKs shared their anger that the song was written so long ago, but YG Entertainment didn’t let Jennie release it. In particular, considering “SOLO” was a single, many thought the idol could’ve easily released an album later on.

Now that the song has been shared, fans are hoping that the company will allow Jennie to perform it more often and even release it officially.

You can read more about the performance below.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Shocks Fans By Performing An Unreleased Song During Their “BORN PINK” Tour, Cementing Her Status As An All-Rounder

Source: Jennierubyjane


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