BLACKPINK Gets Chaotic In An Amusement Park And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

Why are they singing Aladdin songs on a roller coaster? 😂

For BLACKPINK‘s 2021 SUMMER DIARY, the girls are taking on an amusement park…and things are about to get wild!

While trying to accurately answer trivia questions on a pirate ship ride, Jisoo and Lisa go into full panic mode the moment the ride gets intense (You know it’s serious when Lisa doesn’t shield her bangs!).

However, Jennie and Rosé‘s style is strictly business. They’re yelling a whole lot…but not making much progress in terms of getting the answers right.

  • J: “It’s a captain!”
  • R: “Captain Cook!”
  • J: “Four syllables!”
  • R: *again* “Captain Cook!”

Next up is the big roller coaster! Team Lisoo starts by panicking before the ride picks up any speed.

This is like a forced goodbye! We were in the middle of a conversation!

— Jisoo

However, fast forward a few seconds and the girls are finding the most hilarious ways to entertain themselves, like singing Aladdin’s “A Whole New World!”

‘I can show you the world…’

— Jisoo and Lisa

Jennie and Rosé have a different style. The ride starts with Jennie on the verge of tears while Rosé has the time of her life…

…and soon enough, they’re both hit with the intensity of the roller coaster!

These girls’ hilarious experiences made for some classic photos on the ride…

…but you’ll only be able to see that when the full episode drops! Until then, check out the trailer below.