Here’s How BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Model Shin Hyun Ji Became Besties

They got close in a single day!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is known to be close friends with model Shin Hyun Ji.

L: Shin Hyun Ji, R: Jennie.

The two often hang out together when they are in the same city. As Jennie is an ambassador for Chanel, and Shin Hyun Ji one of their models, they often hang out together at shows and events for the brand.

But just how did the pair meet? Shin Hyun Ji spilled the beans on a recent episode of Radio Star.

Jennie was the one who slid into Hyun Ji’s DMs first. The two had met in front of the elevators at a fitting for Chanel. Although the two parted with a simple goodbye, it seems like Shin Hyun Ji made an impression on Jennie! Jennie sent a DM to the model saying, “See you tomorrow Unnie.” Shin Hyun Ji corrected Jennie as the two are actually the same age. From then on, they grew so close that they even went to Disneyland together the very next day.

As Shin Hyun Ji does not have many friends born in 1996 around her, she felt comfortable with Jennie and the two got close quickly. The rest, as they say, is history!