BLACKPINK’s Jennie Has A New Obsession And It’s Kind Of Adorable

Where can we find one??

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie just released her latest YouTube video titled “HERA photo shoot vlog” under her official YouTube channel Jennierubyjane Official.

Jennie’s previous vlogs included a bakery tour, mandu making with fellow member Jisoo, and now a “day in the life” with Jennie on the day of her HERA photoshoot.

In her vlog, BLINKs got to see the “SOLO” singer be her adorable while turning into a seriously professional model when the camera started clicking.

The photos themselves say it all!

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

But what’s even cuter was the moment Jennie shared while getting hair and makeup done for the shoot.

At some point while getting ready, she asks her stylist if she can have the “Cat Paws Game.”

Jennie was so excited to play this tiny little game, that she was fully immersed trying to pass the third level.

Unfortunately, she was unable to pass level 3.

But she sure as heck had a good time trying to! Check out more of Jennie’s vlog below: