“EXPOSED!” BLACKPINK Jennie’s Full Conversation With Park Seo Joon That Had The Idol Flustered At Chanel’s Fashion Show

“Oppa…” It makes the interaction even more iconic!

The internet was sent into meltdown when BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and actor Park Seo Joon shocked netizens with their interactions at a recent Chanel event in Paris.

After the excitement amongst netizens, the real conversation between Jennie and Park Seo Joon has been revealed.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram
Actor Park Seo Joon | @bn_sj2013/Instagram

On March 7 (local time), both BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Park Seo Joon attended the Paris fashion show for Chanel. As expected, the two stars truly radiated dazzling vibes as they arrived at the event.


Alongside the dazzling visuals, one moment truly stood out to netizens. While taking photos, Park Seo Joon said something to Jennie, and what made netizens cry with happiness was that the comment seemed to fluster Jennie, and the idol couldn’t stop laughing.

While the original video was posted with music in the background, a recent video has gained attention after showcasing what was exactly said between the two iconic Korean stars.

While the initial video just shows Park Seo Joon speaking to Jennie, it seems like the idol spoke before and showcased how close she is to the actor. As the cameras were flashing, Jennie asked, “Oppa, did you smile?”

Without even looking at each other and staying focused on the cameras, Park Seo Joon hilariously replies, “Yeah, just slightly.” In response, Jennie starts laughing at the actor’s response, adding, “Hold on.”

One of the main reasons the clip gained attention was after Park Seo Joon proved to be a true gentleman. After seeing Jennie turn away to laugh, he stood before her to block the cameras, explaining, “I’ll cover you, I’ll cover you.”

After being literally protected by Park Seo Joon, Jennie seemed ready to face the cameras again as she channeled the actor’s advice, adding, “Ok. I’m good. [Smile] slightly? Slightly? Ok.” The stars then continued taking photos in front of the cameras.

Nobody would’ve expected a Jennie/ Park Seo Joon interaction in 2023, but it served in bucketloads. As two of the hottest stars, they truly seem comfortable around each other. As Chanel ambassadors, hopefully, netizens don’t have to wait too long for more.

You can read more about the interaction below.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Gets Extremely Flustered During Her Unexpected Interactions With Actor Park Seo Joon At Chanel’s Fashion Show

Source: @xx_turtle_/Twitter


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