BLACKPINK’s Jennie Gets Extremely Flustered During Her Unexpected Interactions With Actor Park Seo Joon At Chanel’s Fashion Show


Although the worlds of K-Pop and K-Dramas don’t come together too often, there are rare times when netizens go into meltdown because their favorites come together.

Recently, that happened when fans were treated to an unexpected interaction between BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and actor Park Seo Joon.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram
Actor Park Seo Joon | @bn_sj2013/Instagram 

On the surface, the two seemingly have nothing in common to put them together. Yet, they are both ambassadors for the designer brand Chanel and have wowed netizens with their appearances and photoshoots for the brand.

Park Seo Joon is a beauty ambassador for the brand
Jennie has attended many events for Chanel | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

On March 7 (KST), Jennie attended the Chanel show in Paris for Fashion Week.

Unsurprisingly, the idol looked flawless and particularly gained attention for her change in makeup style, which was much darker than netizens are used to seeing. Along with the bright white jumpsuit, Jennie oozed beauty and was definitely the center of attention.


Yet, Jennie wasn’t the only Korean Chanel ambassador who was at the show. Jennie was joined by Park Seo Joon, who also looked extremely handsome in a tartan jacket which is synonymous with the brand.

Although the two both attended, nobody would’ve expected an interaction between the two… BUT IT HAPPENED!

In a video that is unsurprisingly going viral, Jennie and Park Seo Joon were spotted chatting with each other inside the event.

At one point, Park Seo Joon goes near Jennie as if going to touch her, and she almost seems taken back as she steps backward. But they both seemed to find it funny as they started laughing!

If that wasn’t cute enough, moments after the first clip was posted, another video was shared showcasing the two together.

Jennie and Park Seo Joon were together, and it seemed like they were waiting to have their photos taken by the press. Before the photos were even taken, Park Seo Joon made Jennie laugh and once again seemed flustered as he started making different poses.

| @JennieDCGallery/Twitter 

Of course, they both took flawless pictures, and their visuals together were undeniable.

| @JennieDCGallery/Twitter

But what really made netizens swoon was that at one point, Park Seo Joon said something to Jennie…

“EXPOSED!” BLACKPINK Jennie’s Full Conversation With Park Seo Joon That Had The Idol Flustered At Chanel’s Fashion Show

And it made the idol have to turn away in laughter.

| @JennieDCGallery/Twitter

Being the gentleman he is, Park Seo Joon went to cover Jennie so the media wouldn’t see her.

Actor Park Seo Joon Is The Perfect Gentleman Toward BLACKPINK’s Jennie During Chanel’s Fashion Show

It is always a breath of fresh air when female idols and male actors are allowed to interact at fashion events. Back in 2022, fellow BLACKPINK member Lisa gained attention for her wholesome interactions with BTS‘s V and actor Park Bo Gum.

While huge events are normal for idols and actors, it wouldn’t be surprising that Jennie and Park Seo Joon felt a sense of comfort being around each other, not just because they speak the same language.

You can read more about Jennie’s Chanel appearance below.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Gains Attention For Her Dramatic Change In Makeup Styling At Chanel’s Paris Fashion Show

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