Actor Park Seo Joon Gains Attention For His Behavior Towards BLACKPINK’s Jennie During Chanel’s Fashion Show

It was the small things he did that made a difference!

Park Seo Joon is one of the top actors in the K-Drama world and has always gained attention for his unreal talent and dazzling good looks. He has also been praised by fans and other celebrities for his impeccable manners and being a pure gentleman.

Actor Park Seo Joon | @bn_sj2013/Instagram

Recently, Park Seo Joon gained attention for his behavior toward a K-Pop idol, and it’s none other than BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

On March 7, as Chanel ambassadors, both Park Seo Joon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie attended the brand’s fashion show in Paris. Unsurprisingly, they both looked stunning, and everyone wanted a piece of two of the top Korean stars.


At one point, Park Seo Joon seemed to step toward Jennie, and after being flustered by the approach, she took a cautious step back. Of course, it couldn’t have been serious as they both started laughing after the interaction.

| Harper’s Bazaar

After Jennie seemingly stepped away from any contact, which isn’t surprising considering she’s an idol and the reaction she might get, Park Seo Joon quickly took that into account when interacting with Jennie.

While taking photos for the press, netizens noticed that while it seemed like Park Seo Joon had his arms around Jennie’s waist, it was actually floating.

| @JennieDCGallery/Twitter

If that wasn’t enough, Park Seo Joon became Jennie’s protector. While taking photos, the actor must’ve said something to make her have to turn her head so she could laugh.

Realizing that the cameras were still taking photos, Park Seo Joon quickly covered Jennie so that the press wouldn’t see her.

It seems like their conversation had Jennie extremely flustered, and it showcases how close they are!

“EXPOSED!” BLACKPINK Jennie’s Full Conversation With Park Seo Joon That Had The Idol Flustered At Chanel’s Fashion Show

When the clips and photos were shared online, netizens couldn’t get enough of Park Seo Joon’s manners toward Jennie. He adapted his behavior after seeing her reaction and ensured she felt comfortable during the event.

It’s not the first time an actor has been praised for his behavior towards a BLACKPINK member. Back in 2022, actor Park Bo Gum gained attention after his “gentleman” attitude toward Lisa at the CELINE after being seen giving the idol his jacket.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa carrying Park Bo Gum’s jacket | @pinkyvarshi/Twitter
Park Bo Gum without a jacket | @pinkyvarshi/Twitter

BLACKPINK is always surrounded by the most polite people who ensure that the members are treated well and feel comfortable in busy settings.

You can read more about their interactions below.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Gets Extremely Flustered During Her Unexpected Interactions With Actor Park Seo Joon At Chanel’s Fashion Show

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