Audience Members Clarify BLACKPINK Jennie’s Role In Controversial HBO Series “The Idol”

“Is Jennie safe from the….”

After concerns were raised about BLACKPINK Jennie‘s role in the controversial HBO series The Idol, previews and reviews from those who watched the first episodes seemingly provided comfort to fans.

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Jennie has been in Cannes, France, for the past few days to promote The Idol at the Cannes Film Festival. While the idol has earned mixed reviews with her looks, Jennie’s visuals and impact have stood out.

After the initial premiere of the show, snippets from the trailer have been released that include Jennie. In particular, one scene shows Jennie in a more natural environment during a dance rehearsal.


In another clip, Jennie showcases her “idol” experience by being in the rehearsal as the center.

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When the video was posted online, while netizens were excited to see Jennie’s role, they unsurprisingly shared concerns about the storyline and plot.

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While netizens are rightly worried about Jennie’s role, it seems like there might be more reassurance that Jennie’s role and the time she recorded her parts are more positive than the reviews for the show.

Following the screening of the first two episodes at the Cannes Film Festival, critics who attended the screening shared their thoughts and snippets of what to expect from Jennie’s role as Dyanne. One user who watched the previews shared a tweet saying, “Jennie innocent!”

After noticing that the user seemed to support Jennie, not the show, BLINKs flocked to the user and asked questions about the idol’s role. The user explained that Jennie didn’t appear much in the first few episodes, which already showcased storylines that have been critiqued.

Despite rumors about an OST, the user explained that Jennie only sang in the first few episodes for like five seconds.

While the show has already been critiqued, the user couldn’t stop praising Jennie’s acting and pointed out that her role seemed “fun.”

Another fan was blunter with the questions toward someone who attended the screening, asking whether Jennie was safe from “p*rn* scenes. According to the user, while blunt, many fans were reassured when they replied, “yes.”

For many, this was a positive outlook and reaffirmed the belief that Jennie had already committed to the show and filmed her scenes before the vastly negative changes to the plot.

While it is no indication that Jennie’s role might not suddenly change in the later episodes, it isn’t surprising that the small snippets of information are reassuring for fans.

You can read more about the controversial nature of the show below.

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