BLACKPINK’s Jennie Stuns In New CF For Vita500 Vitamin Drink

She suits the brand well.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie was recently selected to model for popular South Korean vitamin drink, Vita500. The brand released a short clip of her promoting the drink on their offical YouTube channel.

| Kwangdong Pharmaceuticals

Jennie showed off her various charms and a sweet, saccharine smile. Many have praised her for being as refreshing and bubbly as the drink itself.

| Kwangdong Pharmaceuticals

Jennie recites the tagline, “Just because the world stopped, doesn’t mean I did too. The strength to start everything actively, from healthy vitamin C that refreshes daily life.

It seems like Jennie is hitting her new high this year. From soju to health snacks and even vitamin drinks, she’s new new CF queen! Check out the video below.

Previously, the drink was modeled by soloist and actress, Suzy. Suzy’s fresh and innocent image allowed her to be the brand model for years before they decided to switch things up.



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