BLACKPINK’s Jennie Shares Adorable Rehearsal Behind The Scenes In Her Second YouTube Vlog

Everything she does is cute.

Ever the perfectionist, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie takes BLINKs through her rehearsal for their first online concert livestream THE SHOW! in her much anticipated second YouTube vlog.

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It’s clear how serious she was about the online concert as she spoke to staff and directors on site to ensure everything was perfect, in addition to rehearsing with all her dancers countless times in the practice room and on stage.

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We also got to see more wholesome Jennie as she naturally conversed with her friends, giggling cutely as she did the classic YouTube “subscribe, like, and turn on your notifications!”

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Members Jisoo and Rosé made an appearance in her vlog as they were preparing for the concert as well. Jisoo revealed that they got their hair and make up done to shoot the behind the scenes, shocking Jennie as she cuddled up to her since she thought it was supposed to be a secret.

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Meanwhile Rosé came and fed BLINKs a cookie while waiting to be called back to rehearse. Be still, my heart!

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Jennie even included an ending note to her video where she thanked staff and BLINKs for their hard work.

I was so happy to make wonderful memories with great people. Thank you to all the dancers and staff. Thank you also to BLINKs who waited for us for such a long time.

— Jennie

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