BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Slyly Dropped A Time Frame For Their Comeback And BLINKs Are Freaking Out

This is not a drill!

The waiting for BLACKPINK‘s comeback might finally come to an end!

Originally, fans believed their comeback was slated for June, but it seems the members need more time to finish preparations.

However, they have been spotted in the studio

…and at the YG Entertainment building, so fans know something new is coming eventually!

Suspecting they are returning with a “bright and lively image,” fans are thinking a summer comeback is on the horizon. Recently, Jisoo kept the hope alive with her recent answer to a BLINK!

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

When asked a silly question on Weverse, Jisoo might have just dropped a big announcement on everyone.

OP: Chu, if there is a comeback before/by the end of August shake the carrot!!

JISOO: Carrot carrot 🥕 shake shake! Why a carrot, though??

| Weverse

With this knowledge from Jisoo, the comeback sounds like it’s just around the corner!