BLACKPINK Jisoo Fans Trend #YGBeFair Along With A Truck Protest For Fair Treatment

Jisoo’s fans are protesting for fair treatment.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo fans are calling for fair treatment for the star. They have since sent protest trucks to the YG Entertainment office and are trending #YGBeFair. Jisoo Bar China organized the event, sending a total of 6 trucks to the scene.

The trucks carry varying messages asking for fair treatment of Jisoo and call out the company for failing to take responsibility for the star’s promotions.

“You did not take responsibility for reasonable rights during promotions for Jisoo, your company’s artist.” | @kimjisoofcchina/Twitter
“Treat Jisoo fairly.” | @kimjisoofcchina/Twitter

Fans have pointed out that not only was Jisoo not given a thumbnail in official music video materials, she has constantly not been featured on social media promotions.

| @kimjisoofcchina/Twitter

Jisoo also consistently has the least lines and screentime. Fans have also been requesting for the company to step up in promoting Jisoo, protecting her rights with external brands as well.

| @kimjisoofcchina/Twitter

They also pointed out that Jisoo was given less attention as compared to the other girls, from concert promotions to styling and lack of plans for a solo. So far, Jennie and Rosé have already released solos while Lisa‘s is reportedly under preparations. There has been no news for Jisoo so far.

| @kimjisoofcchina/Twitter

Fans have been urging other BLINKs to send emails to YG Entertainment to make their requests known. YG Entertainment has not responded.


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