BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Gains Attention For Recreating One Of Her Iconic Viral Moments At Incheon Airport, And Lisa Wanted To Join Her

Could this be a new tradition for Jisoo?

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is always being praised for her visuals, elegance, and talent on stage. Aside from this image as a “Perfect idol,” Jisoo always gains attention for her playful personality and for putting a smile on everyone’s faces.

Recently, Jisoo went viral after recreating a viral moment that showed her playful personality.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

On October 21, BLACKPINK headed to Incheon Airport to travel to America to continue their BORN PINK tour. As expected, the idols all looked flawless as they greeted fans and the media who were waiting for them.

Jisoo was no different and her visuals truly shined in a puffy coat. Even behind her mask, her eye smile was truly beautiful and captured the hearts of everyone at the airport.

Well, it seems like Jisoo is back, proving that when it comes to being at the airport, she is truly iconic… and not just for her visuals.

While walking through the airport, Jisoo and the rest of the BLACKPINK members interacted with fans and created some of the cutest moments possible.

At one point, while walking past fans and media after going through the security, Jisoo made fans smile as she randomly jumped into the air and made a huge heart with her arms.

| @vousjay/Twitter

If that wasn’t iconic enough, Lisa seemed just as excited by Jisoo’s actions and decided to copy her. Even if the first one didn’t go to plan, the second jump allowed Lisa to create a heart just like Jisoo’s.

| @vousjay/Twitter   

After they’d both landed from their iconic jumps, the two couldn’t stop laughing at what they had done. Considering that idols are expected to have a perfect image, it was refreshing to see two of the biggest idols in the world just having fun.

| @vousjay/Twitter

Yet, the reason it was so iconic was that Jisoo recreated an epic viral moment from last month when BLACKPINK arrived at Incheon airport to travel to America ahead of their Born Pink album release.

While in the airport, after Jisoo and Jennie let go of each other, Jisoo randomly jumped into the air with excitement. Seeing how much fun she was having, Jennie joined her by running to catch up with the group’s oldest member…

Just for Jisoo to jump up once again before carrying on their journey through the airport and maybe even doing some shopping.

When the new clip was posted, many joked that it might be becoming a tradition for Jisoo. After Jennie and Lisa, it’s only Rosé who is left to join in. Others loved how carefree the idols were.

As always, Jisoo manages to put a smile on the faces of netizens everywhere… and go viral at the same time. Whether the “Jisoo Airport Heart” is a new tradition or not, it is undoubtedly iconic.

You can read more about the first time Jisoo went viral for her airport antics below.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Goes Viral For Her Playful Behavior In Front Of The Media And Fans At Incheon Airport

Source: @vousjay/Twitter


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