BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Reveals The People Who Are Her Biggest Inspirations In Life

Can you guess who they are?

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo made it to the cover of ELLE India‘s June 2021 issue, stunning everyone in Dior outfits that varied in colors, prints, and fabrics. She also sat down for an interview with the magazine where she talked about fashion, BLACKPINK, and her daily life.

Here, she opened up about the people who inspire her to continue being the person she was meant to be. Of course, they were none other than her family!

Jisoo at her brother’s wedding | @roseforely/Twitter

Jisoo may be the oldest member in BLACKPINK, but she’s the youngest in her family. She has a mom, dad, older sister, and older brother who already have families of their own.

Jisoo’s sister, Kim Ji Yoon | Agency Peace

They may be famous for being a family full of visuals, however, to Jisoo, they’re simply her rocks and sources of happiness and strength.

My family [is my inspiration]. Perhaps more motivational than inspirational as they are my biggest source of stability.

— Jisoo

| Kim Ji Yoon

Jisoo is known as the one her fellow members go to for support, with BLACKPINK’s main producer, Teddy, even describing her as their steady pillar. “I’ve known Jisoo for, let’s say, six years. I’ve seen her cry…once.” She, in turn, can always rely on her parents and siblings to find the motivation to continue working.

Whenever I face any difficulties, I can feel the strength they’ve given me and tackle problems head-on.

— Jisoo

She concluded by expounding on just how important her family is to her. “Their unconditional love means a lot to me; it encourages me and helps me push through anything.”

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