Does BLACKPINK Have Beef? Jisoo Gets Real About Alleged Fights Between The Members

This is how they really feel about each other.

The members of BLACKPINK are besties…right? If you wondered if the members ever fight, Jisoo recently spilled all about their real-life relationships behind the scenes.

She recently appeared on an episode of “My Alcohol Diary” where host Lee Young Ji asked this burning question. As BLACKPINK is so famous, people may wonder whether the members ever have problems with each other.

Some people may believe that a certain member has trouble with another one and even go as far to create rumors.

However, Jisoo revealed her true feelings on the issue — and it proves just how far off these people may be from reality!

We laugh when we see those things!

— Jisoo

She mimics pointing at her phone laughing, the same way her and the members would laugh at a silly rumor.

As haters pin the members against each other, they make jokes about the situation.

[We say things like,] ‘They say that I am your competition, so be careful.’

— Jisoo

Something as simple as not posting on Instagram can cause haters to find any “evidence” that they hate each other. However, in reality, they know nothing about the members’ personal lives.

‘Hey, why didn’t you post it on Instagram, it made a rumor. You should have promoted my album.’ Like this, right? *LOL*

— Jisoo

They laugh at jokes like this, knowing how much they truly love and treasure each other.

While haters are off in their own world creating rumors, the members know the truth — so they just laugh!


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