BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Loves Milk So Much, She’s Not Going To Let Any Other Food Near It

But one member keeps disrupting her plans.

BLACKPINK‘s episode on Knowing Bros recently revealed many secrets about the girls, from how important Lisa‘s bangs are to her, to their beauty know-hows before photoshoots. Rosé also stepped up to share the one food that Jisoo is extremely into these days.

Rosé revealed that Jisoo drinks so much milk nowadays that it could become a real concern.

The entire second shelf of their dorm’s fridge is filled with milk of every single flavor!

Jisoo shared that she had specially allocated the second shelf as where she keeps the foods she loves. Although it was an unspoken rule, Jisoo had claimed that particular compartment as her own.

Due to this, Jisoo always made sure to move away the other foods that were placed in that compartment by the other members. She wanted to keep that particular shelf as an exclusive space for milk.

However, containers of kimchi kept appearing in between her milk cartons mysteriously! Jisoo revealed that she had to keep shifting the food items away so as to maintain order.

Although Jisoo kindly declined to reveal who it was that kept moving kimchi up to her milk shelf, Rosé admitted that it was her. It turns out, Rosé had no idea that Jisoo wanted to keep that shelf for her own use!

The anecdote ended on a good note as Jisoo and Rosé agreed to keep the second shelf of their dorm’s fridge as one meant for her precious milk cartons.

As if the girls of BLACKPINK couldn’t get any cuter! Catch their hilarious story about Jisoo’s love for milk and her struggle to keep other foods away from it below.


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