BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Solo Stage At “BORN PINK” In Seoul Is So Stunning, It Has Us All Praying For Her Solo Debut Soon

It’s not a lie to say Jisoo is a queen.

BLACKPINK kicked off their BORN PINK world tour on October 15th in Seoul, and as everyone expected, the girls put on a fantastic show.

Each of the girls had a solo performance, and while they all did amazing (Jennie spoiled fans with an unreleased songLisa gave BLINKs heart attacks with her pole dance, and Rosé let her vocals shine without a backtrack for “Hard to Love”), Jisoo set hearts on fire with her performance of Camila Cabello’s “Liar.”

BLINKs went crazy as soon as the song started, giving Jisoo all the love she deserved.

Jisoo’s able to perform a plethora of genres, from hip-hop to ballads to Latin pop. She flexed her ethereal vocals in the bridge before giving us a killer dance break, perfectly suited for her smooth and flowy style.

And her bright smile the entire time made her performance shine even brighter.

Truthfully, it’s impossible to look away from Jisoo when she’s in red, and no matter the angle, her stage presence captivated everyone.

The other BLACKPINK members were super hype about her solo performance, and while they didn’t get to see it as they were busy getting ready backstage, Jisoo’s short reenactment sent the girls and fans screaming.

Jisoo’s performance of “Liar” further proves to fans that when Jisoo’s solo debut comes, the entire world will fall in love with her. From her beauty to her talent to her versatility, Jisoo’s power is only growing stronger by the day, and we can’t wait to see what more she has in store.

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