BLACKPINK Lisa’s Signature Blunt Bangs Might Become A Thing Of The Past…Eventually

She revealed if and when she plans on growing them out.

As a fashion and beauty icon, Lisa is known for her full bangs she’s rocked since BLACKPINK‘s debut. Regardless of what hair color she chooses, she always goes with the familiar fringe style.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

She’s also known for the great lengths she goes to in order to keep her bangs in place, consisting of time, effort, and tons of hairspray!

“When you think of Lisa and hairstyles, you always have the bangs,” an interviewer on the Zach Sang Show recently told her. “Would you ever grow them out?”

Lisa’s initial reaction shows she takes her hairstyle pretty seriously!

As a matter of fact, Lisa is hardly seen without bangs — and whenever she is, it’s a big day for BLINKs!

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Surprisingly, she admits she recently thought of getting rid of her signature style…

…but the time isn’t quite now to make the big shift!

I don’t feel comfortable yet!

— Lisa

Originally, the hairstyle was not even her own idea and can be credited to her mother.

It was my mom’s idea. Before school started, mom was like, ‘Hey Lisa, let’s go get bangs.’ I was like, ‘Bangs? No! I like my forehead. I don’t want to cover it. She’s like, ‘Nah, you’re forehead looks like… is not that pretty, just cover it.’

— Lisa

The day of Lisa exposing her forehead freely might come eventually, but for now, her bangs are here to stay!

Watch the full interview below.