Here’s How To Get BLACKPINK Lisa’s Unshakable Bangs

If you follow the idol hair designer’s tips, your bangs won’t move at all.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is rarely seen without her signature bangs, which caused a high demand for the same look at a China salon. Even when she’s performing and executing complicated choreography, her bangs always manage to stay in place.

Curious as to how it never moves out of place, hair designer and makeup artist Seo Yoon revealed the secret behind it in AYO‘s latest segment of Comment Defenders.

There’s a go-to product for keeping those hairs in place: hair spray. Seo Yoon revealed there’s a particular one that sprays outward like a thick mist, “It’s like spraying all over your hair. There’s a hair spray that sprays like smoke.

It wasn’t enough to spray the bangs with a couple of short bursts. Seo Yoon uses nearly half of it to stick them in place, “From further away, I spray almost half the can. There’s a way to fix [it]. I’ll briefly show you.

The look needs more than a lot of hair spray, though. There’s a technique to making it last.

Prepped with a thin tail comb and hair spray, Seo Yoon demonstrated the proper technique. It was essential to first lift the bangs and tease them upward, followed by gently combing them back down.

Once the bangs were adjusted perfectly, it was then time to hit them with a lot of hair spray. With those three steps, the bangs wouldn’t move an inch.

Before Seo Yoon used the three steps on the woman’s bangs, they easily moved around at any movement. Afterward, they were indeed stuck in place just like Lisa’s typically are.

The secret behind Lisa’s unshakeable bangs is no longer a secret. If you want to give it a try, all you need is some hair spray and a thin comb. Check out Seo Yoon spilling the tea on over fifteen years of hair designer tips here.