Destiny Rogers Reveals How BLACKPINK’s Lisa Saved Her With Her LILI’s FILM “Tomboy” Cover

“Do you know the power you have?”

In early 2021, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa performed a dancer cover of “Tomboy” by Destiny Rogers on her incredibly popular LILI’s FILM YouTube channel. At the time Destiny expressed her gratitude but she recently revealed just how much this cover changed her life.

“LILI’s FILM [The Movie]” | Lilifim Official/YouTube 
When sitting down to talk to Eric Nam for the Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam podcast, she began by explaining how 2020 hit her hard financially as an up and coming artist.

“And like I said 2020 was a sh*t show for me financially as well not being able to do shows or anything like that.” | DIVE Studios/YouTube 

She then shared that early in 2021, her business manager revealed to her that her money was running out and within a few months she would be “at flat zero”.

“…He was like hey Des, so we have about four months left until you’re at flat zero.” | DIVE Studios/YouTube

After hearing this, Destiny realized she’d have to uproot her life after only a year and a half in Los Angeles and move back to her hometown.

“So I’m gonna have to move home. I’m gonna have to move back.” | DIVE Studios/YouTube

She expressed her frustration at the idea that she’d been shown what her life could be like only to have it taken away.

“…this is all you had planned for me was to just spend a year and a half in LA and live this dream and tour and meet all these cool people just for me to go back home.” | DIVE Studios/YouTube

Within less than a month, Destiny was in the studio trying to record something new when a miracle happened. She described a sudden influx of social media followers telling her things like “Oh my gosh, congrats! Lisa used your song.” and Destiny’s first thought was “Who’s Lisa?

“And then there’s comments saying like ‘oh my gosh, congrats! Lisa used your song,’ and I’m like ‘Who’s Lisa?'” | DIVE Studios/YouTube

(Before moving forward with her story, Destiny took a second to clarify that she already loved all of BLACKPINK and Lisa was her favorite but in the moment she was overwhelmed by all of the comments).

“Like I love the group but Lisa is like out, like that’s my b*tch right there.” | DIVE Studios/YouTube

She then told Eric that a friend Facetimed her to show her the video and that’s when she understood (and understandably fangirled a bit).

“She shows me and it’s Lisa dancing to ‘Tomboy’ and I’m like ‘oh, oh my god!’.” | DIVE Studios/YouTube

The shock of seeing Lisa dancing was quickly replaced by the shock of Lisa’s power with Destiny’s social media blowing up and her song gaining thousands of new listeners.

“Like, I’m able to tell on like an app on how many people are streaming ‘Tomboy’ and it was like thousands.” | DIVE Studios/YouTube

Destiny described what happened next as a revival of her career where her team began to recognize her value again.

“My team was obviously like wow, like we’re finally, like… like we’re onto something.” | DIVE Studios/YouTube

Later on, she met GOT7‘s Mark who made it possible for her famous video call with Lisa to happen where Destiny was finally able to express a bit of how much Lisa had changed her life to Lisa herself.

“And then I was able to meet Mark Tuan…” | DIVE Studios/YouTube
“How are you?” “I’m good. Oh my god, thank you so much for everything!” |@destinyrogers/Instagram 

Now that things are looking up, Destiny had the opportunity to work on B.I‘s song “Got It Like That” featuring Tyla Yaweh which was released in May 2021.

“Got It Like That” | 131 LABEL OFFICIAL/YouTube 

Because of Lisa’s power, Destiny Rogers is now not only surviving in the industry, but thriving. Hopefully we can see more K-Pop collaborations from her in the future (and maybe even one with BLACKPINK). To see the full segment from Destiny’s interview, check out the video below:


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