BLACKPINK’s Lisa Makes Gifts For Lucky BLINKs, And We’re All In Awe Of Her Sweetness

She has the biggest heart! ❤️

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is so kind-hearted and sweet that she made gifts for BLINKs entirely on her own!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

In her latest YouTube video on her Lilifilm Official channel, Lisa made tie-dyed hoodies for BLINKs who received golden tickets in their copy of the LALISA album.

| Lilifilm Official/YouTube

There were 50 golden tickets hidden in copies of Lisa’s solo album, which meant 50 BLINKs would receive a hoodie as a gift from Lisa. Lisa dyed all of the hoodies herself, so all 50 of those BLINKs would receive a custom gift from her!

Each hoodie had to be dyed individually. Lisa began the process each time by soaking the hoodie in water.

Then, she had to squeeze out all the water. The water made the hoodies really heavy, but Lisa powered through and successfully squeezed the water out every time.

Once she drained all the water out, Lisa straightened the hoodie out on the table to dye it. Then, she thought of a pattern for her design, bunched the hoodie together, and tied it with string.

Once she tied each hoodie, Lisa started dyeing them. She chose different colors for each one and experimented with different patterns to make each hoodie unique.

Although the process of tie-dyeing the hoodies was long, Lisa repeated it 50 times to make sure each of the fans who found a golden ticket would have a special hoodie from her.

Watching Lisa tie-dye the hoodies made BLINKs want a hoodie from her and showed them once again just how sweet Lisa is.

Congrats to the BLINKs who won the hoodies from Lisa!

Check out the full video of Lisa’s hoodie tie-dye experience below.