BLACKPINK’s Lisa Jokes That She’s “Aged”—Even If She’s Only 24 Years Old

She’s hilarious!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently released the fourth episode of “LILI’s World” where she showed several dance practice sessions for “LALISA” and “MONEY.”


After an intense round of practice for her title track, “LALISA,” she fell to the ground in exhaustion.

Just doing the first verse is tiring. I’m in trouble.

— Lisa

She joked that she’s “aged” since she gave in a little earlier than she usually would. In reality, Lisa is BLACKPINK’s maknae or youngest member, and she’s only 24 years old internationally!

I’ve aged now.

— Lisa

The reason for her exhaustion was something else. It was apparently the first time in a while that she performed so her body was not used to the tough practice session. She last danced in BLACKPINK’s first virtual concert, THE SHOW, in January 2021.

I think it’s because it’s my first time dancing in a while. Isn’t it my first after THE SHOW?

— Lisa

Lisa in THE SHOW

It was also taxing for her to do such an intense choreography all alone. Unlike when she performs in a group, every single line in the song is hers. The camera is also constantly focused on her as the center of the performance.

For Lisa, she considers the exhaustion worth it! After all, she loved her two tracks the moment she heard them and she was excited to have her turn to debut.

I really like the choreography, it’s more tough than I expected, like ‘LALISA.’

— Lisa

Check out the full video below.


Source: YouTube