BLACKPINK’s Lisa Gives A New Shoutout To Selena Gomez And Says She’d Love To Collaborate Once Again

We all want another collab!

One of BLACKPINK‘s most high-profile collaborations is their song “ICE CREAM” with Selena Gomez. Released in 2020, it was part of their first full-length album, The Album.

BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez in “ICE CREAM.” 

The summer bop and BLACKPINK’s relationship with the pop star was brought up in Lisa’s solo interview on Audacy. It was pointed out that the song was released over a year ago.

Can you believe that ‘ICE CREAM,’ it’s been over a year now with Selena. It’s been 13 months, I looked it up, or almost 14. A little over a year.

— Host

He asked what many BLINKs were thinking: how is their relationship and did she give them any words of wisdom based on her own long career?

When working on something like that with Selena, did she give you…any advice that you kind of stuck with?

— Host

Lisa revealed that while they were not able to see each other in person—they both filmed in separate locations—they called each other several times. She described Selena as being “really nice” and bright.

We had video chats a few times and she’s really nice. She gave me, she gave us, a positive energy.

— Lisa

She liked Selena so much, in fact, that she expressed her desire to work with her again! Lisa would “love to” collaborate on another project.

And I really want to see her again. If I can work with her again, I would love to.

— Lisa

Selena Gomez | @selenagomez/Instagram

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out their music video for “ICE CREAM” below.

Source: YouTube