Here’s What It’s Really Like Working With BLACKPINK’s Lisa, According To The YGX Dancers

“It has been five years…”

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently released the music video for her debut solo single, “LALISA,” and fans worldwide have gone crazy for the catchy song, eye-catching music video, and her stunning visuals.

In particular, during the video, there are many high-energy and conceptual scenes containing many backing dancers, known as the YGX dancers, who have shone in many music videos. The dancers recently released a video through their YouTube channel reacting to the “LALISA” video.

As well as reacting to the video, they all shared some TMI information not just about filming the music video but what it was like working with Lisa. One of the dancers explained that RarmG had been with BLACKPINK for a long time, and she explained what it was like working with them.

It has been five years working with them. In the case of Lisa, she has a good understanding of the song, dance, and expression. Her gestures are always on point.

— RarmG

Another dancer pointed out that Lisa and the members like to harass their dancers but emphasized that it was meant positively. He explained, “They practice too much!”

When I think, ‘This is enough practice,’ and they still go for more, that’s why they are world-class stars. Their amount of practice is nuts.

— YGX Dancer

When it comes to practice, there is no denying that all the members work hard, but they also pointed out that Lisa has a special gift for learning choreography.

When I taught her (the choreography), is that I did not have any hard time. If I go through once with the choreography, she just gets it once, and the next time she comes, she never forgets it.

— Lee Jung

Lee Jung also added that when Lisa is asked to freestyle during performances and dances, she does it straight away perfectly, which emphasizes just how good she is with her gestures and ability to interpret a song.

Despite their fame and success, it showcases that the BLACKPINK members BLACKPINK and, in this case, Lisa always work their hardest. They always want to ensure that they put in 110% to showcase their best sides to BLINKs.

You can watch the full music video below.

Source: YGX Official