BLACKPINK x Rolling Stone – Here’s What It Might Mean

The start of a new era..?

Although BLACKPINK has been individually promoting, with the members focusing on solo music, modeling, and acting, fans are hopeful that something music-related is finally in the works for the beloved group.

BLACKPINK | @ygofficialblink/Twitter

BLACKPINK has been on an extended hiatus as a group, with some fans even admittedly losing interest with how long they’ve had to wait since BLACKPINK’s last comeback, The Album, was released in October 2020.

The title track “Lovesick Girls” currently has over 500 million views on YouTube.

And even the dance practice for “Lovesick Girls” shows how eagerly fans are waiting for new music as it’s been seen over 200 million times.

There has been recent speculation that BLACKPINK is preparing to release an album in June of 2022, which seems further confirmed by some members’ hints that they might be recording music.

With this hope, fans started trending #BLACKPINKIsComing after a tweet from Rolling Stone teased an upcoming collaboration.

The tweet simply says, “Coming soon,” leaving fans to make assumptions about what might be upcoming from the group.

Although there isn’t any confirmation, many fans have assumed that Rolling Stone Magazine is hinting that BLACKPINK will be the magazine cover for an upcoming issue.

If BLACKPINK is the cover model for Rolling Stone Magazine, they would be the first-ever K-Pop girl group and the third-ever female group to do so. Previously the only female groups on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine were the Spice Girls in 1997 and Destiny’s Child in 2001.

Other fans are pointing out that because Rolling Stone focuses on music, a collaboration with BLACKPINK might hint at upcoming music-related content from the group.

So, understandably, many fans are hopeful that this means a BLACKPINK comeback is imminent.

But, regardless of what this collaboration means, fans can be excited that they are getting new content from the group.

And with the original tweet already having over 85 thousand likes at the time of this article, whatever is coming will undoubtedly be met with enthusiasm.

Plus, as all K-Pop fans know, idols changing their hairstyle is a common sign of something big coming.

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