The BABYMONSTER Member BLACKPINK’s Rosé Praised For Her Vocals

The BABYMONSTER member has never forgotten it.

BLACKPINK has supported their YG Entertainment juniors BABYMONSTER long before their debut. While Lisa surprised Chiquita and Pharita with a taste of their home country and gifts

Rosé also gave them something meaningful by praising their talent and hard work, especially for one member.

Rose | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

In Haram‘s introduction video, she revealed that Rosé was her role model and recalled when the idol sat in on her monthly evaluation.

Haram performed in front of Rosé during a 2019 monthly evaluation where she “was so nervous” she thought she “didn’t do well.” Rosé’s words expressed the opposite.

As Haram bowed to thank Rosé, the idol praised the trainee for skillfully using her voice.

Your voice is great, and I think you know how to control it. The husky voice that comes out every now and then is amazing too.

— Rosé

Since Rosé is often praised for her unique vocals by other idols and celebrities, her praise for Haram is even more meaningful.