BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals Her Favorite Drinking Snack To Have Alongside A Can Of Beer

Yes, you read that right.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé shocked everyone with an admission of her go-to snack while drinking! The girls guested on Knowing Bros recently, and got on the topic of their favorite foods. While Jisoo showed off her love for milk, Rosé explained that her favorite food was actually, kimchi.

Kimchi is one of the staples of Korean cuisine. It is vegetables, usually cabbage or radish, pickled and fermented with pepper paste and brine. The smell may be strong, often transferring onto other foods, which is why many Koreans have their own kimchi fridge. Rosé shared that she loves it so much that she can just have kimchi alone without other dishes.

Her next revelation sent everyone in the studio reeling. She shared that she loves to have kimchi as a side dish while drinking!

Check out how shookt Jennie was!

Normally in Korea, drinking snacks include dried pollack or jerky, or even hot foods like deep-fried fritters or soup. Rosé’s unique choice startled everyone. She revealed that she loves it so much that other combinations for side dishes don’t occur to her at all.

She recommends having a tall, cool glass of refreshing beer alongside kimchi.

Would you be so adventurous as to try this combination out? Tune in to the clip below to see how in love she looks with the representative food of South Korea!


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