BLACKPINK’s Rosé Video Chats Her Dog Hank, And His Hilarious Response To Her Is Just Too Sassy

However, he changes when they see each other in real life!

It’s Hank‘s world and we’re just living in it — Even BLACKPINK‘s Rosé! While fans would love some attention from Rosé, her adorable pup remains unbothered.

Rosé video chats with Hank when she’s away, but he’s not as excited to see her as many other people would be!

Greeting him with her cutest pet voice, Hank doesn’t show much emotion to what she says.

She revealed Hank can be responsive with certain words, like “sister.”

Even though he’s not so enthusiastic when she talks, she loves him anyways!

However, it’s a completely different story when she greets him after having been away for a while.

He gets so excited that she needs to calm him down with a big hug…

…but he still goes totally crazy!

They’re the cutest besties!

Check out what else she revealed during the interview below.

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