BLACKPINK’s Lisa Can Imitate Her Members As Babies — And Her Impression Is Spot-On

Her voice! 🤣

The BLACKPINK members are full of unique talents!

In their 2022 Welcoming Collection, the members discussed all kinds of things from crazy stories to each other’s favorite things.

However, Lisa showed off one of her incredible talents that definitely embarrasses her members!

In a whiny voice, Lisa quickly made the room burst into laughter with one line.

Don’t do video camera~

— Lisa

If Rosé seems especially shy, there’s a reason for it!

The iconic quote comes from a video clip of young Rosé expressing her irritation for the camera. Hilariously, she looks the exact same — and definitely couldn’t get any cuter if she tried!

Who knew she would grow up to voluntarily film herself!

Watch the full adorable clip below.

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