BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Lisa’s Unexpected Pet Names For Each Other Sum Up Their Hilarious Relationship Perfectly

They thought outside the box for these weird and cute nicknames!

Besties Rosé and Lisa of BLACKPINK are so close, they even call each other by their own totally unique nicknames, and they’re definitely unlike anything you’ve ever heard!

After Lisa revealed her contact name in her phone for Rosé is “Rosie poop,” Rosé proudly admitted that she’s the one who started this name!

The hilarious nickname originated from her older sister who would lovingly call her “Rosie poop.”

After telling the members of BLACKPINK about her adorable family nickname, Lisa took a particular liking to it…

…and stole the nickname to use for Rosé herself!

Of course, Rosé has to retaliate and use the same hilarious name for Lisa.

The nicknames have no meaning other than being fun and cute to say…

…and allow them to express their love for each other!

Check out what else she revealed in the interview below.

Here’s The Story Behind The BLACKPINK Members’ Contact Names In Rosé’s Phone