BLACKPINK’s Rosé Attempted To Not Eat Anything, And She Soon Realized Why That Was A Bad Idea

It’s how her pre-show ritual was formed.

With years of experience as K-Pop idols under their belt, BLACKPINK has developed pre-show rituals that they religiously follow. The members were asked to name them in an interview with SIRIUSZXM, and Rosé was happy to share!

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

The “Shut Down” singer explained that she absolutely has to eat a meal before any event, and she prefers rice because of how filling it is. Besides rice, she also enjoys kimchi, according to Lisa.

I have one. I always have to have a full, big meal, like a big, heavy meal. It’s good if it’s rice because it fills up the stomach.

— Rosé

But she isn’t picky. She happily eats whatever food is provided because her priority is to not be hungry.

I have to have a full meal, whatever is given to me. I have to fill up my stomach.

— Rosé

In the past, she attempted to not eat anything, but she couldn’t last more than two hours. It was her hard limit. Afterwards, she came to accept that she must consume a hearty meal to give her the energy that she needs for the day.

Well, I tried without eating, and I can’t go on for two hours. It’s just impossible, and so I need to eat and I use that energy. (laughs) So yeah, I eat.

— Rosé

Rosé’s pre-show ritual may not come as a surprise to fans. When she filmed a “Get Ready For The Met Gala” video with Vogue last year, she specifically requested for rice from the staff. So many Asians could relate to it, the clip even went viral!

Check it out for yourself below.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé Follows A Ritual Before Every Important Event, And Many Asians Can Relate To It

Source: YouTube


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