BLACKPINK’s Rosé Shows The Real-Life Struggle Of Taking An Aesthetic Instagram Photo

She says she’s “slightly traumatized.” 🤣

BLACKPINK just landed in Copenhagen, Denmark for the next stop on the BORN PINK World Tour. However, Rosé has already ran into an unexpected situation!

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

While exploring the city, she showed off her best winter fashion and took gorgeous photos with the scenery.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

In one video, she stays both warm and fashionable in her long pea coat, scarf, and beanie.

I guess people here are nice to pigeons!

— Rosé

Posing with some pigeons, she makes a cute face for the camera and squats down to get a closer look at the birds.

It’s a video!

— Staff to Rosé

However, nobody was ready for what happened next!

Staff: “Wow they really aren’t running away.”

Rosé: “Is it delicious? What are you eating…?” *SCREAMS*

Netizens were left cracking up at the video, but some people couldn’t get over Rosé’s “vocals” when she yelled!

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

In her own words, Rosé says she’s “slightly traumatized.” Fans know she can sometimes be a bit of a scaredy cat. From animals to thunder, there are a lot of scary things in the world for Rosé!

Watch the full hilarious video below.


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