BLACKPINK’s Rosé Gives A Rare And Emotional Sneak Peek Inside The Studio Recording Of Her Solo Song

She wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable in front of the camera.

Fans have been avidly waiting for BLACKPINK‘s Rosé to release a solo track. After confirming that it was in the works in an Instagram Live video last September 2019, a new update has finally been given.

BLINKs got to see for themselves what was happening behind the scenes in the documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky which was released on October 14 through Netflix. Rosé was seen in the recording studio singing an emotional pop song in front of producer Joe “Vince” Rhee.

During her interview, she revealed that she was actually afraid of writing her own songs.

You know how when people say they’re afraid of heights or they’re afraid of water? I’ve always been afraid of getting in the studio or writing something.

— Rosé

She explained that the expectations she set for herself are sky high considering her love for music.

I really have a lot of respect for music so I don’t wanna be like, just another girl who sings and just kinda tells everybody that she writes music.

— Rosé

Teddy gave more insight into Rosé’s creative process, revealing that it’s particularly difficult for her as songwriting is a very private experience in her eyes.

When it comes to writing songs, Rosie has certain stories in mind, and she’s shy about sharing that story. It’s just super personal to her. It’s like her diary.

— Teddy

Rosé detailed how it’s not an easy task to be vulnerable when one is singing solo: “I feel more intimidated when I’m by myself. When I’m in my room by myself and I go, ‘Should I try and write something?’ I think I’m way more intimidated then. ‘Cause it’s just me. I don’t know if my opinions are right.”

Despite the hardships, it was worth it for her to go through the arduous process of preparing a solo song. She described how valuable it was to be able to tell her own story.

It feels just like expressing myself. I would always sing a song of other artists, [and] that’s more like borrowing their emotions and making it mine. Whereas this is totally just speaking from my point of view.

— Rosé

She pushed forward despite her fears, explaining, “I have to just start it. I have to.”

Though Rosé’s solo debut still has no confirmed release date, it’s gearing up to be a memorable one based on the scenes revealed so far!